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发布时间: 2019-02-14       发布者: 萍乡市科技创新公共服务平台       阅读量: 4992次


Announcement on Further Strengthening Ten Measures for Epidemic Prevention and Control


Issued by Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command of nCoV Infection in Jiangxi Province on February 5, 2020



Currently, the epidemic prevention and control of nCoV-caused Pneumonia has entered a critical period. In order to win the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic and ensure the health and safety of the people, the ‘10 measures’ of the epidemic have been further clarified on the basis of the requirements for prevention and control. The notice is as follows.


体育竞猜平台 All villages (communities) will implement ‘sealed management’. Residents should enter and exit villages (communities) with access permits and temperature testing. All visitors and exotic vehicles are not allowed to enter the village (community). Village(community) without property management will implement grid management with closed prevention and control. Special circumstances shall be registered and filed by the management personnel.


体育竞猜平台 All people returning from outside Jiangxi should report to the company(organization) and the village (community) immediately. Failure to take the initiative to declare, refuse to accept temperature measurement, medical observation and other prevention and control measures, will be held accountable according to law. Home quarantine objects are not allowed to go out under strict management., and the person responsible shall be specified.


Residents of urban and rural communities who have symptoms such as fever and cough must report to the local village and community as soon as possible. Those who have the above symptoms must be sent to a fever clinic at a designated hospital by a dedicated staff member immediately. Patients should avoid re-transmission and cross-infection, and ensure that they are diagnosed and treated immediately. Concealment, omission and late reporting are strictly prohibited. When people with symptoms such as fever and cough are detected at the airport, railway station, dock, and main traffic routes, they must be sent to the designated hospital for treatment in time. Pharmacies selling antipyretic and cough medicines must be registered under the real-name system and reported to the local health department as soon as possible.


Urban and rural communities with confirmed cases may implement closed isolation in some villages and communities according to the local epidemic situation. Disinfect the quarantine area, prohibit people and vehicles from entering and leaving, and ensure that the epidemic does not spread.


Public places not necessary for the lives of residents should be closed. Supermarkets, pharmacies and other places should arrange business hours reasonably and disinfect regularly. Personnel entering should measure temperature and wear masks. Courier should implement contactless delivery. Violations of the temporary suspension of control shall be dealt with seriously according to law.


All citizens are prohibited from entering and leaving public places without face masks. Each family (exclude home quarantine families) may assign one family member to purchase daily supplies every two days. Other family members shall not go out except for the needs of epidemic prevention and control, medical treatment and urgent work. Units and individuals who organize or participate in crowd gathering activities will be dealt with seriously.


体育竞猜平台 Communities should strengthen environmental governance and management of rental housing. During the epidemic prevention period, we should clean and disinfect the community and sort garbage. All elevators and other small confined places are subject to preventive disinfection every day. The community should carry out integrated prevention and control of vector organisms. Implement the main responsibility of the rental house management, strengthen the management of the renters, and report in a timely manner when there is any situation. If an outbreak occurs in a rented house without a timely report, the leasing unit or individual of the house will be held accountable according to law.


Further strengthen the prevention and control of special places and groups such as nursing homes, welfare homes, prisons, detention centers and empty nest elderly people, left-behind children, and disabled people. All localities should attach great importance to the asymptomatic infection of the nCoV, and do a good job in the prevention and control of investigation and reduction of personnel movements.


Further raise the awareness of national prevention and control. Communicate disease prevention information to every family and every person through various forms such as community bulletin boards, hanging slogans, WeChat public accounts, community setting broadcasts, and establishing communities and building WeChat groups. Create a scientific and ‘no rumor’ prevention and control atmosphere.


体育竞猜平台 All residents shall abide by the national and provincial regulations for epidemic prevention and control. CCP members, cadres, peoples congress representatives at all levels, and CPPCC members must play a leading role, take good care of their families and relatives, and actively participate in the prevention and control of epidemic situations to drive neighborhood neighbors to consciously comply with regulations.


All cities, counties, and districts may further make relevant regulations based on this announcement in combination with actual conditions.
This announcement will take effect from the date of promulgation, and the date of termination will be notified separately.


English translated by Department of Science and Technology of Jiangxi Province

(Jiangxi Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs)


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